Library Board Meeting Agenda

AGENDA East Dubuque District Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

Wednesday, AUGUST 9, 2017

4:45 P.M. at 122 Wisconsin Ave., East Dubuque



Call to Order:  Hearing on LEVY  Ordinance  2017-18 #5:

Motion to open LEVY Hearing on Ordinance 2017-18#5  for July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.

Motion:               Roll call:              Time:


Passage of LEVY Ordinance 2017-2018-XXX.(Action)

Motion:               Roll call:              Time:


Motion to close LEVY  Hearing for 2017-2018.

Motion:               Roll call:              Time:




Call to Order Regular Board Meeting                           

Motion:         Roll Call:      Time:       

Record Attendance

Declaration of  Quorum

Changes to the Agenda:


Unfinished business:


Librarian’s Report: (Informational)


Consent Agenda

Approval of Minutes of the July 12,2017   Regular Board Meeting (Action)

Treasurer’s Report July12, 2017  

Approval of payment of invoices and Treasurer’s Report as presented.  Roll Call Vote. (Action )


Committee reports-

Personnel Committee Report: 

Budget & Finance Committee:

Building & Grounds:  

Foundation Meeting:     Oct 19, 2017 at 3:00 pm at Katherine Kelly’s home