Library Board Meeting Agenda

AGENDA East Dubuque District Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

Wednesday MARCH 8, 2017

4:45 P.M. at 122 Wisconsin Ave., East Dubuque



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Foundation Meeting:           Discussion of  Foundation Meeting Jan. 18, 2017

Next meeting:  Wed April 19, 2017 at 3:00 at the Library


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New Business


1.  Foundation members recently requested detailed information from the Director regarding a new circulation desk and related book drop stations and staff work stations.  (Info)


2.  Director is in the process of gathering information about possible building use changes and possible small scale expansion.  (Info)


3.  Wagner Accounting is incorporating the fund adjustments as recommended by the auditor into the financial statements.  (Info)


4.  Per Capita Grant Focus this year is on implementing the recommendations of the three year Edge Initiative “Building Public Access Technology Services” which was started by the library in early 2014.   This initiative will be addressed again this spring.  (Info)


5.  Fliers requesting early return of new DVDs are posted in the library.  DVD labels for new items requesting early return have been ordered.  (Info).



6. Honey Hill Farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) has asked if  they could list us as a drop off point once a week for area supporters.  They hope to add Hazel Green, East Dubuque & Galena as stops.  Does the Board wish to be temporarily listed on a trial basis?  (Action)


7.  Police were called to the library on 02-21-2017 regarding children entering an abandoned building which borders the library property.  The police will attempt to contact the owners to safely board up the property.  See attached incident report. (Info)


8.  Status and progress of all employee evaluations. April Agenda may include closed session. (Info)


9.  Status of Runde Judgement which must be revived by September 2017.  Treasurer and Director have been working together on this.   (Info)


10.  Director has filed for a DRA GRANT for $4,300 to allow the library to set up and create its first ever “MAKER SPACE”.  The “ Maker Movement” sweeping across libraries nationwide, encourages children to learn, design, and create things and processes in a recreationally-focused area.  This grant “MINI MOBILE MAKER SPACE”, would consist of 3 rolling carts loaded with specialized maker space equipment, materials, tools, books and resources such as cameras, Legos, sewing machines, and small robots.  It will cultivate fun with art, technology and design in our children’s programs. We believe it will also  provide a great promotional opportunity for the library to increase the use of  library services by children and their families.      The cost of the total project is $4,950.  DRA to pay $4,300 and the library to pay $650.   See DRA Grant Binder   (Info)


11. Rick Leute will speak regarding the small parking lot.  (Info)




















Closed Session 2 ( c ) ( 1 )      Items for the next agenda    Adjournment: date, time and place of next meeting